Simple Funerals

A Simple funeral service allows you to have more involvement while keeping all costs down to a minimum. You can choose the crematorium and attend the service on a day that suits you.  We will return the ashes to you in the container the crematorium provides.  Equally, if it is a burial we will arrange a graveside service at a cemetery on a day and time to your choosing. 

The cost of this is £1500 plus disbursements (i.e. Crematorium fee’s, burial fee, minister’s fees, etc.) Payment for this is required in full before the funeral takes place. 


The fee of £1500 includes:

  • Our professional services, attendance on the day of the funeral and completion of all legal paperwork required for direct cremation
  • Conveyance of the deceased into our care*
  • A simple coffin suitable for direct cremation or burial
  • Hearse to meet at the crematorium/graveside on the day of the funeral
  • Collection of ashes from the crematorium

*During working hours.  Out of Hours call out is an additional £125.00

Disbursements can include 

  • Crematorium fee (Stourbridge or Gornal £930, Rowley Regis £775) 
  • Doctors fee for completion of medical paperwork  £164 
  • Minister/Celebrant/Humanist fee approximately £200  
  • Burial fee’s vary hugely depending on where they are.  Please contact us to get an exact price. 

We are on hand, offering support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
For immediate help and advice please call 01384 77098 or send an email.

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Traditional Funeral Service

Traditional Funerals

There are many ways to conduct a service but the majority of people wish for their service to be carried out in a simple and traditional way. When families come to see us and make the arrangements we will guide them through all the necessary steps needed for the basic funeral to take place.

Direct funerals near me

Direct Funerals

A Direct Funeral is a simple funeral service and cost-effective. The crematorium and date/time of cremation is at our discretion. There is no service as such and no one is able to attend the crematorium.  The cremated remains will be returned to you in the container the crematorium provides. 

What's Included in a Simple Funeral Service?

Whether it is a cremation or burial, our simple funeral service allows loved ones to have plenty of involvement in the funeral service while still keeping costs to a minimum. You will be able to select the crematorium that you want to use and have the ashes returned to you if you wish. If you are opting for a traditional funeral with a burial, then we can provide a graveside funeral service at your chosen cemetery. Whichever funeral service you prefer, you can dictate the day and the time – we will not be leading your decisions and will only ever provide advice.

Simple funerals do not mean that great care and attention to detail doesn’t arise. Simple funerals or a more basic funeral service will still be professionally led with the completion of all the required paperwork is taken care of. We can take the person who has died into our care prior to the local funeral service and arrange a simple funeral coffin for either cremation or burial.

Our hearse will be ready to meet family, friends, and loved ones at the crem or graveside on the funeral service day.

If you select our traditional funeral service or a bespoke funeral service then there are more choices available, for things like the type of hearse used, the choice of an Oak or Willow wood coffin, and a personalised order of service.

Our friendly, respectable, and dedicated staff will take the time to go through all of the available options for your funeral service. You can contact the team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we fully appreciate what a difficult time the death of a loved one is for a family. We are not here to make a difficult time any more stressful than it needs to be. With lower cost, and a professional funeral service being dignified yet simple, we are here to help with all aspects of saying goodbye to your loved one any day seven days a week.

We will take great care of the person who has died, and you can request for the deceased to be dressed in a certain outfit that was special to them or has a sentimental meaning. Often the person who has died may be dressed in a comfortable pair of pyjamas, simple nightgown or it could be that the person who has died had connections to the military or police force and will make their final journey wearing the uniform they once wore with such dignity and pride.

How Much Does a Simple Funeral Cost?

A simple funeral service fee is £1,500 and this includes access to our professional funeral services, including our team completing the legal paperwork for you. Our team will also attend on the day of the funeral service. The fee covers a simple coffin that will be suitable for burial or cremation and our provision to take care of your loved one before the funeral service.
Our team will arrange for a hearse to meet you at the local funeral location and we will collect the ashes after the funeral service.

We'll Care for you and Your Family.

Having a team of experienced professionals can take the pressure off you and your family and friends. We will look after the person who has died with the same level of respect and dignity that we provide to you.
If you choose a more traditional funeral service or a bespoke funeral service we can dress your loved one in an outfit of your choice and ensure that they look presentable, dignified, and comfortable for their final journey.

Steps to Follow When Caring for a Person Who has Died

If you have been caring for the person at home, you will need to arrange for a doctor to visit the deceased and formally register the death. The GP will issue a medical certificate to confirm the cause of death, or it may be that further investigation is required by law. Your GP should lead this, provide advice and guidance and keep you informed. Following the medical certificate, there are some steps you must follow when caring for a person who has died, and these are:

  • Inform their next of kin and call the person’s loved ones.
  • Contact friends, colleagues, carers, employers or anyone else you feel needs to be informed of the persons passing.
  • Keep a notepad nearby as you may be contacted by the DR or hospital and possibly not remember important details.
  • Once you have the medical certificate in your possession, you can register the death formally. Request a number of copies of the death certificate – these will come with an additional charge but are essential to have.
  • If you are making arrangements for someone who lived alone, then make sure that the property is left safe and locked up, regular deliveries are cancelled, and any necessary arrangements for any pets that are left behind. Usually, animal charities will step in to help with arranging rehoming.
  • Choose a funeral director and begin to make funeral arrangements.
  • You should check to see if there was a pre-paid funeral or any funeral plan along with the will.

Before the Funeral – Meet Your Funeral Director

You must meet your chosen funeral director to finalise any plans whilst arranging your loved one’s funeral service. Often families may have different wishes for what should take place, your funeral advisor is the best person to provide advice, support, and guidance during the planning stages.

After the Funeral

We are available 24 hours if you need to discuss anything urgently following the full service.