Special Funerals

Sometimes people want to be remembered in their own unique way and this can often be reflected in the style of their funeral. For this reason we offer alternative, bespoke funerals that cater for a more individual paleter. For example if the deceased was a keen motorcyclist, instead of a traditional hearse we could provide a motorcycle hearse. Similarly, if they enjoyed horse riding, a beautiful horse drawn hearse would be very fitting.

People are increasing eco-conscious these days and this doesn’t have to stop with their funeral. We can offer eco-friendly coffins made from willow or bamboo as well as conducting burials in woodland sites setup specifically to cater for this need. One local such site is Westall Park in Holberrow Green near Redditch.

Individual touches might be as simple as the small gesture such as a dove release at the graveside or a piper to lead the cortege away from the home address; nevertheless, they all add up to leave a lasting memory of that person. Should you have any requests, however unusual, please get in touch.

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Direct Cremations

When a family wish for us to cremate the deceased without any service or anyone present. This service includes our time, coffin, removal (within a 15 mile radius), cremation fee and doctors fee (if applicable).

Simple Funerals

This option is for a simple cremation but with an option for a family to be present for a simple service. Our services include a coffin, removal (within a 15 mile radius), hearse only and viewing.

Traditional Funerals

There are many ways to conduct a funeral service but the majority of people wish for their service to be carried out in a simple and traditional way. When families come to see us and make the arrangements we will guide them through all the necessary steps needed for the funeral to take place.